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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Ok, well there is no blood, but Mariah and I got out the foam dart guns and shot each other and built forts.


Last night I spent the night refreshing my brain on painting and the how to's of it. I am ready to paint in my head, but my bike is far from it. With no time this morning to work on the bike at all, I simply went over to the Caruthers house (where it's located) and just visited with some of the roomies and brought Ava (daughter)

Came home and looked at parts, parts, and more parts. Got my list of what is needed and what it will cost. So far with only the parts and nothing paint related, I am around $200... Not bad!

Got some more ideas of what is needed to purchase to go further with this project and I can see about $500 total being spent on the make over of this bike. That is also not bad.

Found a shop in Portland to take my business to because I don't care for online purchasing SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BUSINESS!! Hopefully this week, purchasing will commence and I can stop posting these boring posts and you will actually have stuff to look at. Until then, stay tuned and follow this blog, show me some love people.

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