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Monday, March 12, 2012



I was able to start today and I didn't hold back, I just went for it. Got every thing taken off the bike and pulled the engine. All that is left is the frame. This is the time to attack.

Several screws need to be replaced.
Several bolts and parts I pulled off need to be cleaned up and painted. This thing is just old and tired and I am ready to make this thing shine again.

Looking at the engine, I don't believe there will be any other leaks besides the shift seal and drain plug so that's good. Found a little bit of rust but nothing to major.

Over all the whole bike looks pretty good. Next week I will be cleaning up the frame and all the nuts and bolts and start to take the dents out of the tank. I am excited I got a decent amount in one days and am looking forward to next weekend to hopefully be ready for paint by days end. Here is a beginning and ending of the day photos.

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