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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Double header part 2

Part two is back to my MC. With the help of my friend Matty (made him do some labor and can't thank him enough) I was able to do a few key things on my bike. So today the progression continued, and boy does it feel good.

Started with just looking at the frame,  hmmmmm get that cut off wheel and grinder and go to town. Cut unwanted/ needed tabs and cut off about 8 inches of the ass end. Was able to clean (filthy, filthy) frame and got all the grease and grime off. Also was able to sand about half of it, for paint. Next weeks sanding should be easy on the frame but still need to sand the gas tank and prep that.

Mounted the engine on the engine stand and Matty started scrubbing. I'd say it's starting to loom great. Thanks matty.

Here are a few pics of what I got done. Be back soon.

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