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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Time permitted here is a rough estimate of my agenda. Only being able to work once a week on it, we will see how this works out.

Week 1: 3/11 Dismantle

Week 2: 3/18 Cut off tabs and clean up as much parts as possible get all thread to mount engine on stand
Week 3: 3/25 Continue clean up of parts and Sand frame and any parts needing paint.

Week 4: 4/1 Clean engine up and fix few parts needed, shifter seal, drain plug strip. Carbs, Prep for paint.

Week 5: 4/8 Paint as much as possible, see if a few days a week can continue to come over and paint

Week 6: 4/15 Start to assemble everything back into the bike, mount engine, wheels, shocks chain, front end

Week 7: 4/16 Front end work. Making a bracket for speedo assembling more and look out outcome. Decide.

Week 8: 4/22 Seat work thoughout next week to get sown and positioned

Week 9: 4/29 Wiring assembly

Week 10: 5/6 Projected finish. Finishing touches.

Now this will all have to be done while helping Jimmy with his project also. I don't believe his will be nearly as drawn out since our main focus on his is just to get it right, not dismantle the beast and completely re do everything.

Wish me luck,

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