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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Week 2

"Week 2: 3/18 Cut off tabs and clean up as much parts as possible get all thread to mount engine on stand
Week 3: 3/25 Continue clean up of parts and Sand frame and any parts needing paint. "
Previous posts has it shown as this and my urge to follow this schedule kind of worked out. I ended up cleaning parts this Sunday and got most of them out of the way. I still have the whole frame and a little more detailing. A question to myself is "How much will it cost to replace all of these nuts and bolts?" because some of these our horridly ugly and probably chould just be replaced.

I seperated all of the Keep and Do not keep parts and wow. A box full of do not keep parts came into my hands from clean up. Never the less, I am getting rid of the unwanted excess parts to minimize weight and look trying to keep it simple. Here is a few photos and this next week I will continue to clean and get this motor mounted on my stand so I can clean and replace a few parts and prep it for paint.

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