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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Double Header Part 1 Day 2

Alright. More progress was made on Sir Jimmys bike this last Sunday. While he was working on the carbs, he gave me the annoying duty. Drill the holes in the handle bars, and run some wires through it to make a better look for the front end. After a few drill bits I was able to drill holes just big enough to feed the wires through the bar. We also set his points. Since he has been having back fire issues since he got the thing and I remember when my bike was back firing and spitting and sputtering about the same, we gapped the points and all glory was sovled. Let's just hope this was the same case.

So in summary of this week:
  • Gapped Points to hopefully fix back firing issue

  • Drilled holes in handle bars to correct ugly wiring from dangling on front end.
Let's see what we do next week.

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