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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Double Header Part 2 Day 2

Define Progress: Forward or onward movement toward a destination.

Destination of this bike is completion.

Thanks again to Matty for the help this weekend because this would take a lot longer if it weren't for him.

Let's see.

Sanded Items
  • Frame
  • Swing arm
  • Fender
  • Front Forks
Cleaned more on the engine and wheels.

I have decided paint will not be in store for the engine. If I could just clean it up real well and make it shine, i would be happier (Plus I'm to lazy to pull it apart for paint)

This tank is a bitch though. A single wall gas tank you can compress air into it and pop the dents out that way. Double walled tanks, well... Sand it down to metal, bondo it and hope for the best. Damn you tank!
Peeled the striped off and started to sand it. This ass paint means grueling ass work but in the end she will be a beaut.

Pretty much just a bunch of sanding and cleaning this past weekend and it looks like I will be one week behind schedule for paint because I want to do it right the first time, not the second, third or even fourth.
I wasn't able to replace the parts as scheduled due to $$ restrictions but will be ordering them as soon as I find a wat to become rich... Any ideas? Feel free to tell me already!!

See you next week.

PS I uploaded from the computer so these photos didn't turn out checkered.

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