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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Tank

So, it has come to my tank. I knew this process would take a while but I didn't realize this would be such a pain in my assholes!

5 hours with about 70 razor blades and my tank is stripped down to the metal. Being that some idiot decided to kick my bike over when it was parked in the street 2 years ago, I am now fixing some dents. Thanks ass hole.

I started sanding the tank and realized I was waisting time and it would be easier to just strip it with razors. So I did. I started to "bondo" (such a dirty word and it's actually metal filler) to get the dents covered up. After 5 hours of pain with my fingers I started sanding the filler and gave up for the night. But I do have some 60 grit paper and this should make the process a whole lot easier.

After all I did realize some great news. This is my last part I have to fix before paint. Paint should be started next Sunday night. Pretty excited since I am a week behind, this will make me just about catch up only because I will be putting on the base coats this weekend and during the week Tom (Wife's grandpa) will be helping by spraying during the week to finalize it. So I will be all caught up, and up and ready to mount the motor in a few shorts weeks. This has me excited to start seeing real progress.

I will have several photos next week and can't wait to get this beast going.

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