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Sunday, January 6, 2013

And I am back

After a long break of not having any time and absolutely no money to work on this bike, the spring is creeping closer and I am jonsing to finish the product. Started school this past fall and when taking winter break, we had this holiday filled with presents... I got a harbor freight gift card and spend every penny on a rotary tool to clean up the engine. While I am waiting for some money and parts to arrive in the following weeks, I will be starting fall term, working my 47+ hour weeks, spending time with the wife and daughter and squeezing in some skateboarding and motorcycle cleaning. Talk about busy.

So as we come back with my rotary tool I have been wire spindeling my aluminum caps and engine casing and then buffing them to make them clean up real well. As you can see in these photos I have done a bit of it and the engine with the nice brown streaks is the dirty engine as it sits.

I have been talking with a fellow rocker about making me a 2-1 exhaust as well as getting rid of that battery eliminator and going with a small battery to make my lights work as the bike runs. I am excited to start kicking this off ever since my kick start broke in the fall.

All hands on deck, let's finish this bitch and make it ride!

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