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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Set Back

So it looks as if set back is the name of the game on this Motorcycle. But hey, everything can't go your way. While making a lot of progress on some of the bike, I have lost progress on some of the bike. Seems as if the wiring harness is giving me trouble. I am not able to get a spark, but I think I have figured that out. I would be able to tell if I figured it out if..... My kick start didn't eat the threads up and fall off. So new kick start is in the works. Also realizing I am going to need to re jet these carbs due to my pod filters and cut exhaust, I had just ordered a re jet kit for performance so I don't blow a hole in my piston which I for sure do not want. I ordered the kit from and that should be in the mail soon to get. Just have to get the kick too and I am set to work on it again.

I have a serious deadline and that is September 7th (Birthday) when the RockersNW crew will be heading up to Vashon island for a moto show for the weekend. Nicely enough Tony Sonik Miyamoto has offered to let me ride one of his bikes if mine wasn't ready by that time, but hopefully that wont be the case. I really want to get this thing going. 

Wish me the best of luck and getting this thing going and if your in the Portland area and want to help me out, I would be lucky enough to have your help and supply some beer in exchange for some knowledge. 

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