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Sunday, March 3, 2013


This motorcycle is 99% complete. It is close. This past week I ordered a new rectifier/regulator for the bike and got it shipped in 3 days. Super stoked because that made it so I could fix it this weekend and see if the regulator would solve all the problems. Well almost all the issues. My points were a little too gapped so I had one cylinder running hot and one cold. Checked the points and closed the gaps a bit to more specified number. Fired up and ran with a very good response to the throttle touch.

The only problem I have ran into is the lights are flickering when idling and will actually shut off while riding at a higher throttle but will come back on when idling just with a flicker.

Sooo the bike is running perfect. I jump on and take off... Holy shit does this little 425 have some kick. I was very surprised actually a few times cause when I turned around I just hit it and almost lost a bit of control.... To be honest, not use to that much power. After tinkering with how responsive it actually is and how much kick it has, John Cooper and I rode some of the town and I frickin missed riding so much!!!

Last thing to fix is the flickering lights but otherwise it is finally done!! 1 year later. Now to help my friend with his wiring harness and get his bike running.

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