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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mounting the Engine

Last night was a mid week engine mount kind of night. I went out last night because my Mariah's brother is in town from Bend and I needed the extra help to get the motor in the frame.

We had take the motor off the engine stand and set it on its side (thank you rockers for the advice) and just snuggly fit the frame around it and bolted it up. After lifting the engine and frame upright, i was able to tighten all the bolts down and tada, it is mounted. With only one minor chip on the frame which I expected it to happen anyway. I continued to start putting other parts in such as the front end assembly and the swing arm.

I put the wheels up to it and the gas tank on it to see what it would kind of start to look like and to my eyes being pleased, I am growing happier by the minute. As I have been telling every one this week, putting the bike back together will be the easy part.... The hard part, is the wiring. It will most likely take up a lot of my time but I am sure if I tackle it, I will prevail and be satisfied when it is up and running and riding and looking good!
Look how low that is, wouldn't that be a dream? Yeah right, it will be higher but this is just how it is going to start looking once I actually do get these wheels mounted. The color scheme is turning out better than I expected.

Total work time this week. 1 1/2 hours.

See you next week.

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