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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Assembly Line

This past weekend I put the product on the assembly line-

Alright Isaiah can you put on the shocks "Yes"
Ok now pass it to Isaiah and he can put on the wheels-
Next go ahead and pass it to Isaiah and he can start assembling the front end-

Well there wasn't really an assembly line, but there was one dedicated employee doing all the work... ME!

I may be off by a week or two but I am almost there. I am at a stuck again in production and assembly.

-I need parts- and to do so you need $$ so unless someone is willing to throw a few hundred bucks my way to sponsor this beast, production is halted. My eagerness to get this complete will have to be on hold for a few weeks. Hopefully not to long. Anyone wanna buy a foosball table??? JK

So here is a few photos of the bike as it sits. Last Wednesday I mounted the engine and this week this is the list of things I put on it as well.

Chain (not shown in photos)
Kick stand and bike stand
Triple clamp
Handle bars
Clutch and brake levers
Rear Shocks
Headlight bracket
Front and rear brakes
and a few various parts

 You can notice from previous post how little of parts are left to put on from what I took off.

List of parts to come.

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