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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sluglike Pace

Well, I am kind of hitting a wall with this "no parts" dilemma. There is few things I can do because the parts I need are essential to getting this beast finished. I did do a few things this week though to further progress and they were small things but the small things make a big difference sometimes. In this case, they made a bigger impact than expected.

I cut the exhaust about 12" so I am ready to throw the baffle (when I purchase them) in the tips and seal it and make it pretty. Then it will await the wrap. I also make the holder for the speedometer. Cut a piece of metal to fit the speedo right in where desired and its looking good. I also cut a few broken boards up for the seat template and rear fender. Wait what! a skateboard! Yep, my rear fender will be the tail of a skateboard that will hold my light/plate and I will be wrapping the leather around a skateboard for the seat. A skateboard is actually the perfect fit for the seat and fender. As soon as Mariah gets a new sowing machine, we will get the seat prepped and finished.

Now all I need is parts. This Sunday, no work due to mothers day. I also picked up Monday's at my companies warehouse so I will only have one day off a week and might not be able to squeeze the bike in. I just wanna get this done, but only time will tell. Wish me luck.


  1. The bike is looking sick! I was cruising the internet to see what people have done to the GS425s as I am considering picking one up as a project. I like how your bike is turning out! Excellent work.

  2. Thanks. Love working on it and it is going how I want it to. Am about to get all the parts to finish it this month hopefully.