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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bringing Sexy Back (Home)

Last night, thanks to a good friend Micah, I was able to bring my bike home from Mollala. It was in Mollala in the first place to get the work done. Now that I have done all the work I could out there, it was time to bring it home for the last stage of finishing. With almost all the parts here or being shipped, it was going to save a ton more gas to have it where I could access it daily if needed. I appreciate the storage and help I got from Mariahs` grandpa and grandma for letting me keep it out there. Financially at home is where it belongs.

Now why did I this title "Bringing Sexy Back (Home)"? Well you guessed it, this bike is sexy whether you like it or not. I was able to do a few things when I got it home also.

Mounted the read fender aka a skateboard and also cut out the middle of the seat so it sits properly and is ready to be mounted to the frame with an easy removable clip. Just a trip to the hardware store is needed to pick up some replacement bolts that were snapped and a few that are just plain needing replaced.

Left to finish:

  • Install all parts shipped
  • Work on carbs, being that I cut the pipes and am putting short air filters on, a re-jetting is in place just need the know how. Going to pick someones brain. If you know alot about carbs, please let me know because I will need help. 
  • Wiring!! Shit! Nightmare time, but at least I printed an easy guide of the basics I will need. 

Here are a few pics to see what it is looking like. 

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