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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Exhaust and Wiring

"Haters gonna hate" is the saying of this century. If you hate something people make sure you know. The thing about me, I don't give a damn about your opinion! :) So I proceeded to wrap my exhaust and do what I felt looks good. I mean it's my bike right?

Back to the important subject, my bike. This past few weeks I have been ordering parts like crazy and all have arrived. I had the chance to sit down last night and wrap the exhaust with a 50' roll I had purchased. After all the wrapping, 3 feet are left. I also purchased some BBQ paint to paint it black once the wrap dries because that will fit the Black/ Yellow theme of the bike. Next step is to make a few baffles for the pipes. This way they are not to noisy and I will less likely get pulled over. Don't need anymore tickets.

Also this week I have been drawing out my wiring harness. From what I have drawn up, this should and may I say should repeatedly because we all know what should means (Not Guaranteed) work. I need to buy a relay for the LED tail light I purchased (Picture won't display) so I can incorporate that in my wiring harness. Now a lot of you might think "Making your own wiring harness is a bitch, I could never do it!" I say you are lazy. Wiring harnesses are actually not to bad (I say this because I haven't installed and tested mine yet). It's a basic game of Positive and Negative and where the current flows. Yes incorporating high beams, turn signals in can be a bit more confusing but overall, it's not to bad (At least on a bike, I won't touch a newer car). So here is a rough sketch of a wiring harness and how it can go down to the basics when you are trying to minimize wires. I will have an update soon on how its going and more to come on completing this bike.

Wish me luck!

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  1. I have the same bike and have no spark at the coils any idea how to fix this issue