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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wiring Harness and Left To Do

I had a good long chance to complete a lot of tedious parts on the bike. One being the wiring harness. From all my tests I ran this should do the trick. I won't know fully if it will work until I fire the bike up due to running a battery eliminator, I don't have a current unless the bike is running and generating the electricity to the harness. From making several diagrams and testing with a power wheels battery it should and I will say should to many times, work. One big issue I did run into was the tail light I had purchased was a Tail, brake, turn signals and plate light all in one. Unfortunately the turn signals and plate light don't work on it. So I only got running and brake light out of it. So I will need to purchase some new signals and wire them in when I do get them. Looks like hand signals will be appropriate until then. 
As you can see the harness is crammed under the seat. I was able to fit everything under there, I will just be getting a small aluminum plate to cover that all up and protect it. You can also my key dangling, that's because I have to mount it next to the other power switch. I was also fighting with this random set of wires coming from the side of the engine but got that hammered out yesterday realizing I am going ghost as far as shifting, there was no need for those wires.
The last picture is of the what is almost complete bike. So close!

Left to do on the bike you ask?
Well I'll tell ya:
Stick air filters on (Coming in today)
Get the gas line from the petcock to carbs
Put Gas in
Put oil in
Make the baffles for the exhaust so it isn't to loud.
Sync Carbs
Buy a plug for the tach hole

I am most worried about the carbs due to cutting 12" off of the exhaust, and running pod filters. So we will find out as soon as I get those other parts finished.

I want to ride now.

Stay tuned

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